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Bees gotta eat, too.

Many years ago, I was sitting outside looking at some bees feeding on flowers that were growing in hanging planters. I knew from taking apart previous hanging planters that there are sometimes a lot of plastic pellets in there, or sometimes very lightweight material that is the color of dirt but not with the same density. I thought to myself that the bees were expending a lot of time and energy getting nectar and pollen from the flowers in the hanging planters. But what kind of nutrition were they getting in return?

If the soil nutrients are depleted, I thought I could add them. They cannot be added to the entire planet, but they could be added to potted plants or flowers that bloom in our gardens. Miss Daisys Plant Food For Bees® mixture creates the best nectar-producing plants for bees, giving flowers a potent nutrient boost and creating the best bee-friendly plants.